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Sixt offers the whole range of Fleet Services: mobility consulting, fleet management, long term rental, full service leasing.
Leasing means that cars are at the customer’s disposal for a long period (1- 4 years) and all cars are registered by leasing company.

  • Reduction of handling and Administration costs.
  • Optimizing costs.
  • Taking into consideration all financial and budget limits of the customer.
  • Car replacement of your Company on regular base.
  • Leasing payments charged to costs.
  • Reservation of credit lines of your Company.
  • Long-term financing.
  • Optimizing process of car gaining.
  • Wide range of additional service.
  • Tailor-made full service leasing for customers.

Sixt Leasing Benefits for Customers

  • Lessee gains the car after paying a part of the total cost (usually 20% - 30% ).
  • Lessee needs not acquire cars by purchase into Company ownership excluding sizeable funds from turnover.
  • Leasing object can’t be arrested in case of Lessee financial troubles.
  • The amount of prepayments and monthly payments as well as its periodicity can be varied by mutual understanding.
  • No necessity to pay the additional deposit obligatory under crediting.
  • Leasing fees can be referred as Company costs which diminishes Company assessment basis.
  • During all Operating leasing period the car is registered at Lesser and after close of Agreement the Customer has the right to buy-back.
  • Lessee has the possibility to enlarge its own fleet without big one-time lump-sum and borrowed funds.
  • Finance characteristics of the client don’t become worse as far as the Lessee’s balance doesn’t reflect leasing long-term liabilities.
  • Fleet renewal every 2-4 years.
  • The client has the top priority right for buy-back with leasing period completed.